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David Currie
David Currie thumbnail
David Currie Sometimes you hear new music and the drum sets your feet tapping or you find yourself strumming your leg in rhythm with the guitar playing. Kundalini Genie on this album make me want to dance around an open fire crying to the gods of music and thanking them for this gift they have bestowed on me as a mere listener. I know that sounds a bit evangelical but that's what Reverberation does to me. Psychedelic rock is trending at present but this is pure class in amongst the ordinary.
(Interesting to hear that Ghost Dance Collective are big supporters of this band as I just discovered them about 3 hrs ago. Cosmic serendipity at work.) Favorite track: Room One.
Jonathan thumbnail
Jonathan Outstanding psychedelic rock by a band too good to be ignored. Wonderful pop hooks, killer vocals and excellent musicianship combine to make great psychedelia. This band is better than much of the 60's rock groups inspiring it. Simply great. Favorite track: The Soul That Makes Me Yours.
CTHankster thumbnail
CTHankster From start to finish, a spot-on psychedelic garage rock disc with great three chord songs played with real authority. Highly recommended to anyone who loves the 1966-67 sound of raw teen rock 'n' roll starting to shade over into the psychedelic ballroom scene. Favorite track: Demo Number Nine.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote Man this is tripping ! The flowers 💐 are just falling out of my hair , or beard I should say .
Flower Power people should dig this . Favorite track: Deja Vu-Vu.
lut_math thumbnail
lut_math What a masterpiece Favorite track: Inside, Out!.
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The first studio album by The Kundalini Genie.

"I listened to some of your tracks and found them to be very interesting, and full of potential. Particularly, I enjoyed the heavy ponderous ones, but the more lyrical pieces also have a great charm. You, sir, are a talent. Continue your good work and success will almost surely follow."
Powell St John - The 13th Floor Elevators, Mother Earth.

The Kundalini Genie are a four-piece psychedelic band from Glasgow, Scotland.
Formed in early 2017 they played their first gig in The Coyote Whiskey Bar in March, as part of the Carlton Live Sessions.
As payment they received a day of recording time, which they used to produce their first rough single, The Soul That Makes Me Yours, in the days after.
Since then they have been spreading their brand of psychedelic rock'n'roll as far and wide as they could, and have supported such bands as Acid Mothers Temple, Spindrift, The Myrrors, Triptides, and performing at the Carlton Psychedelic Festival of 2017.

Spurred on by mounting interest and significant contributions from close friends and family, they set to work to record their debut album.
The intention of the recording was to do something that would be impossible to do live, so that the recordings were a unique experience as to what could be achieved in a four piece set up, such as simultaneous backwards guitar, rhythmic panning, multi-layered harmonies, multi-layered rhythm guitars/bass/vocals etc.

They decided to keep things simple, however as the level of experimentation was taking a form of it's own and leading the band in another direction, a direction which they decided to follow over time and evolve rather than aiming for that from the very start.
The intention of the first album is to be just that, a first album, the band intend to continue to delve into new and more unexplored avenues of recording and music in the future so that the scope of their music follows a wide spectrum of ideas.

With special thanks to:

Mario D'Agostino
Without Mario's contributions this album wouldn't exist nor sound as good as it does. He took the time out of his busy schedule to mix and master these songs for us, and throughout the years has given us more help than we could ever repay, through donating and lending us equipment, helping us record, offering us priceless advice and for inspiring us with his own unique and beautiful music.

Jamie Telford
Jamie recorded and mixed all of the songs in the album, made artistic contributions and gave good advice. He also put up with the unreasonable pace at which we needed to move at to complete this album within the time-frame that we set out for ourselves. It was the cause of much stress for all of us and Jamie bore the weight of most of it, things would have fallen apart quickly had he not been able to keep his cool.

Ghost Dance Collective
(Murray Pettit, Ross Lynchehaun, Alan Bragg, Liam Payne)
The ghosts are one of the best bands in the world. They aren't getting the recognition they deserve just now. They have continually inspired us with their amazing music and close friendship.
GDC's drummer, Murray, is the person playing drums on this entire album and the 12-string you here on a few tracks is Ross'.

Michael Taplin and Carlton Studios
Carlton is my place of work. If I had to work a 9-5 job in a bar again or another line of work of the sort, I'd blow my brains out. Barney took me in and gave me a place I felt comfortable and something I actually enjoy doing with all my heart. He has made us so many connections and friends, got us our first gig. I don't think I have EVER phoned up carlton and Barney hasn't replied to me with "Robbie who? Who's that?"


released December 23, 2017

Robbie Wilson - Guitar/Sitar/Bass/Vocals/Backing Vocals/Organ
Julia McTiernan - Guitar/Vocals/Backing Vocals
Murray Pettit - Drums

Recording/mix - Jamie Telford (Carlton Studios)
Mix/Master - Mario D'Agostino

Produced by: The Kundalini Genie
Executive producer: Robbie Wilson
Supervising producer: Adam White

Album artwork: Moss Moth


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The Kundalini Genie Glasgow, UK

Four-piece experimental psychedelic rock 'n' roll band!

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Track Name: The Soul That Makes Me Yours
We've come to speak to all mankind
because you're blind with clouded minds
We've come to teach what you don't know
Ancient knowledge that will free your soul.

Seek the truth and you will find, the soul that makes me yours is what is gonna make you mine, girl!
Seek the truth and you will find,
the soul that makes me yours
It makes you mines!

The times are comin' to a change,
the coming of a new green age
Mother Earth is soon to be
A place where all the life lives free


Only one can make this true,
the one that lives inside of you!
Track Name: Inside, Out!
You can't find love, it's all around.
Can't find yourself because you're found.
Can't see the world, you have no eyes.
It can't be real 'cause it's all inside, it's all inside!

Everything in it's time
Please don't worry 'cause it's alright
Everything comes in its time
Please don't worry
'Cause it's alright!

Close your eyes, and clear your mind.
And don't freak out like you did last time.
Well here he comes, he's right on time,
and if you let him into your heart
He'll blow your mind!
Track Name: Deciphered
You're vindictive, you're sick and twisted
You're a loser and an abuser
'Cause I don't wanna know what goes on inside your head
I don't think I'd ever understand, if I did

'Cause I hate you x2

Wear your fancy shoes, nothing ever to lose
'Cause you smoke in your room that's all you ever do
'Cause you give me a headache with all the lies and mistakes
You leave me feelin' drained and I've been wishin' I weren't here in the first place

Track Name: Room One
No one knows where to go
so now the path is hard to find
The taxman's stealing all our dough
And half the world is deaf and blind
Oh my

No one knows what they're saying
Or what they're thinking half the time
The people wasting all their hours
Because they think they'll be just fine
Oh my

But there's something that we're here to say
A message here if you're inclined
The genie's lantern's been rubbed and opened
And he's risin' up your spine!
Track Name: Gammy Leg
I don't even know how I feel
Don't know what's real or lies
The truth you feed yourself is all you've got, to go with
To keep you alive

The world keeps changing, but that's okay, with me
'Cause in so many ways it stays the same
To feel loved I'll do all I can
To find my way

To find my way x3
Track Name: Saturn Has Rhythm
I am you
And you are me now, honey!
Only love
Can set you free
There's a secret
that no one knows
I don't know it either
So let it go..

Take it easy,
play it cool
Power's greedy
So break the rules
Us and them
You and me
Dividing your mind
So you can't see

Nothing's real,
There's no time
Please don't worry
'Cause it's alright
You all live
inside my mind
You're all made up,
but that means that so am I
Track Name: Demo Number Nine
Well I done found myself today
All the colours swirling instead of grey
Then I looked inside of your eyes
And I found the same as behind mines

You gave me all the love you had, in your soul
All the love you had to give, and I know..

Then I was trippin' outta my mind,
And I sunk all down through space and time
All of me was you and all of you was I
And all the stars fell from the sky

You took my hand and then we flew into the sun
We burned up and we became

Track Name: Don't You Forget It
You don't know who you are
You think that I can't see
You're acting oh so smart
But you look stupid to me
Yeah you look stupid to me

Don't you forget it now x3

You don't know you're tellin' lies
'Cause you believe them inside
You don't know you're bein' mean
Because you live in a dream


There could be love in your eyes
But you choose not to see
'Cause then your eyes will look like mines
And you're afraid to be me
Track Name: Deja Vu-Vu
Think I might've been here before
Think I might have been here before
Don't think I liked it here at all
Yet here I am again once more

Dead man walkin' in his boots
I'll never forget how cold he looked
I wonder why he let them die
Maybe I will ask him why next time

Think I might've been here before
(Think I might have been here before)
Think I might've been here before
(Think I might've been here before)
Don't think I liked it here at all
(No I didn't like it)
Yet here I am again once more x3
(Ye here I am again once more, now I'm lyin here upon the floor and I don't know what it was I was lookin' for and I know that I don't know so I've got to go and I feel, like I've been here before)
Track Name: Easy Come, Easy Go
I waste my time
I've lost my way
I missed my prime
I've got nothin' to say.

Day by day,
keep wastin' away
I lie on the grass
See through broken glass

I must always be wrong
Don't know what's goin' on
Maybe it's cliché
I've got nothin' to say

I'll sing this song,
I'll sing it all day long, I've got nothing to say.
Don't know what's going on, I must always be wrong, I've got nothing to say..
Track Name: Love
Love is all around you
Love, it surrounds you all around
When you give love it lasts forever
To sail through life upon a dream

Love is all around you
Love, within and out you everywhere
When you give love it lasts forever
To sail through life, upon a dream.

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