Synthetic Waves

by The Kundalini Genie

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This was written and recorded about a year ago, originally recorded to tape with both backwards and forwards guitar solo, a piece which eventually evolved into its own song in it's own right, soon to come, from that period of experimentation came Synthetic Waves, named for the synth sound going up and down like a wave, this was the first song I ever recorded drums to, shortly followed by Bleach, so ultimately the drum track on this song is very loose and hasn't been quite perfected yet, nevertheless I compressed the drums quite a lot to tone them back as they are also not well recorded, again, it was my first go, ultimately with this song though less drums is more so it gets away with it I feel.

It was written during a period of my life where I was working in a shitty restaurant chain full time slaving away putting my heart and soul into it and getting nothing back in return. Lessons were learned and a lot of growth came, the first person I ever showed this song to in work wrote very indie/pop acoustic/vocal stuff and I don't think she even knew music like this existed

Funnily enough in the end of this song after it seems like it's supposed to end, it doesn't actually end and goes into a kind of indian sounding mellow instrumental and in comes another song altogether with harmonies just for a few bars and then it fades out for real, which is my nod off to what the song had the potential to evolve into, and then subsequently did, where it was driven by an indian/rock n roll fusion bassline with backwards and forwards guitar solos at the same time so when you listened backwards or forwards it sounded the exact same but completely different too.


Verse One:

I work myself into the ground,
maybe I should try harder next time around
I get used, abused I don't ask why,
I'll do this same old shit again 'til I die.

But I know, where I'm going to, if happiness is what I'm looking for,
and I know that in the end, everything will be okay.

Verse Two:
Everybody fucks me up and down,
in a sea of overactive ego's, I drown,
I see it inside of their eyes,
I don't know why I even try, to get by..

But I know, where I'm going to, if happiness is what I'm looking for,
and I know that in the end, everything will be okay...


released November 11, 2016
Track art:

Sau Sainis



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The Kundalini Genie Glasgow, UK

Four-piece experimental psychedelic rock 'n' roll band!

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